Sõjaväetelk Savotta SA-20

Tootekood: Sõjaväetelk Savotta SA-20
Kaubamärk: Savotta
Ühik: kompl
Laoseis: Tellimisel
1890,00 €

Sõjaväetelk Savotta SA-20

Technical facts:

Material: mould-protected and flame-retardant cotton polyester
Area of the bottom: 21 m²
Diameter of the bottom: 500 cm
Highest point: 285 cm
Height of the eaves: 110 cm
Weight: tent ca. 27 kg, tent poles ca. 4,5 kg, groundsheet ca. 10 kg

Savotta SA -20 tent is an octagonal tent with space for 20 people. It has a double-layer fabric at the door, which forms a vestibule. The seams on the tent’s roof are taped to keep the water out. The tent includes a metal duct for a chimney if needed and a tent storage bag, which enables an easy carrying and fast packing of the tent..

Available accessories:
• Groundsheet made of durable fabric
• Tent poles
• Stakes
• Stove

Key Flag product

This product is made in Karstula, Finland.