Kanadas toodetud alumiiniumraamiga SUURED lumeräätsad FABER Mountain MASTER MM1036 (pikkus 91 cm)

Tootekood: FABER lumeräätsad
Laoseis: Laos
Hind: 320,00 €
160,00 €
Kogus: - +

FABER on üks maailma parimaid räätsadele spetsialiseerunaud KANADA tootja.

MOUNTAIN MASTER on nende tippmudel.

NB! VAATA MÕÕTU, need on eriti vägevad ja suured räätsad. 

Mõõt 25 x 91 cm

Tootja mudel MM1036

Link tootja kodulehele: https://www.fabersnowshoes.com/snowshoes/conventional-decking/mountain-master

Jah, letihind tundub esmapilgul kallis, kuid see on ka tippude tipp!

This highly reliable expedition snowshoe is designed to perform under extreme mountaineering conditions. Its “Arcatech” frame, double suspension pivot system and very aggressive crampons will let you master every type of rough terrain. The 360° binding is equipped with a 3 ratchet buckle system for a more comfortable and tighter fit. The foot and heel plates are made of double density anti-slip material that offer unparalleled comfort and control. The heel lifter will greatly help reduce the strain on your calves and facilitate your ascension on steep hills. This high-tech and high traction snowshoe will perform reliably in all types of conditions.

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ESS Crossbow Suppressor Frame Kit (Terrain Tan) raam + ninapadi

ESS Crossbow Suppressor Frame Kit (Terrain Tan).

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ESS Goggles Profile NVG (Black) ilma clear klaasita

Clear & Smoke Gray Lenses, Soft case, SpeedSleeve

NB! Komplektis ainult Smoke gray klaas. Toode on uus, kuid pakk on lahtine ja clear klaas on puudu.



Tootekood: ESS 740-0404 soodus ,   Laoseis: Laos
60,50 € (50%)
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Savotta matkanõude komplekt

Savotta matkanõude komplekt

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Hoppes Boresnake relvapuhastusnöör kaliibritele .308, 30-30, .30-60, .300, .303

Hoppes Boresnake relvapuhastusnöör kaliibritele .308, 30-30, .30-60, .300, .303

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SKB USA turvakohver 3i-1914N-8B-D

SKB Waterproof Case (with dividers)

Model: 3i-1914N-8B-D


Interior Length: 48.26 cm

Interior Width: 36.20 cm

Interior Depth: 20.32 cm


NB! Toode on paaril korral olnud kasutusel demokohvrina. Kulumisjäljed on minimaalsed. Mõned kerged kriipsud kaanel ja põhjal. Pakend on alles. Seest on puutumata. 


Link tootja kodulehele


Tootekood: SKB 3i-1914N-8B-D ,   Laoseis: Laos
120,40 € (65%)
344,00 €